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Henry the Eighth Solitaire rules<< Heads and Tails | House in the Wood >>

The king of hearts in the middle is King Henry VIII, and a victory results with him surrounded by his 6 wives and 2 daughters who became queens. That king is merely for display, and the foundation pile from which it is taken will begin with an ace.

Henry the Eighth solitaire

Two decks of cards
Object: Play all cards to the foundation.

Tableau: 8 piles.
Empty piles are filled from the waste.
You can pick up and play the top card of a pile.

Stock: Holds the 87 undealt cards.
Plays one card face up to the waste.

Waste: Discard pile.
Only the stock can play to here.
You can pick up and play the top card.

Foundation: 8 piles.
Each pile is dealt a base card.
The king of hearts is placed in the middle to sit on display. The bottom pile will be dealt the next card, which is an ace.
Rank is built up. Cards must match the same suit.
Rank order wraps from king back to ace.

You can deal the cards again 2 times.
The cards are collected from the waste.

Variation of:

    You can fill vacancies in the tableau from the stock at your own discretion. The stock will not fill them automatically.

Henry the Eighth solitaire

Henry the Eighth solitaire

Henry the Eighth solitaire

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