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Eagle Wing V2 Solitaire rules<< Eagle Wing | Easthaven >>

This variation of the rules is well known, but is somewhat lacking in any substantial game play. Winning is pretty much up to luck, and very rarely occurs.

Eagle Wing V2 solitaire

One deck of cards
Object: Play all cards to the foundation.

Tableau: 8 piles.
Cards can not be played to here.
You can pick up and play the top card of a pile.

Reserve: One pile. 13 cards.
If a tableau pile becomes empty, the top card from the reserve is automatically played to it.
When the final card is reached, it is flipped face up and becomes available for play.

Stock: Holds the 30 undealt cards.
Plays one card face up to the waste.

Waste: Discard pile.
Only the stock can play to here.
You can pick up and play the top card.

Foundation: 4 piles.
One dealt card determines the base rank.
Play the base rank to empty piles.
Rank is built up. Cards must match the same suit.
Rank order wraps from king back to ace.

You can deal the cards again 2 times.
The cards are collected from the waste.

Variation of:
    Eagle Wing

    There is no building in the tableau.
    The reserve is dealt face down, and is only used to fill empty tableau piles. However, the last card is flipped up and is available for play.

Eagle Wing V2 solitaire

Eagle Wing V2 solitaire

Eagle Wing V2 solitaire

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